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Halting new sales until we get things right. I have received several cancellation orders and will be adjusting the production schedule as such. My apologies for the missed expectations and disappointments.

10/25/2023 My wife took a spill tonight and dislocated her right ankle along with multiple fractures. The surgeon instructed her to not put any weight on that foot for 6 weeks and NO HOPPING. So walker is out and the use of crutches is not an option; the wheelchair route is her only option so far (a knee scooter is still too painful to consider). Since we relocated our home from Phoenix to Tucson, I'll not be able to get to Phoenix to manufacture anything for quite some time now, so please let me know how you wish to proceed with existing orders (that are woefully late in arriving).


AGORAFOLIES realizes your follies
For super-sexy libertine moments, treat yourself to an out-of-the-ordinary or underground outfit!

Are tight latex, vinyl, and leatherette outfits exciting?

Thanks to the AGORAFOLIES boutique, live your life, a life that succeeds for women and men who dare to think outside the box.

You can buy, rubber tracksuits, latex pants, latex dresses, or waders with ease and discretion, either pre-sized or made-to-measure!



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