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We are again open for business and taking orders but please understand that delivery for drysuits and larger items may take 10-12 weeks to fill as we are still dealing with existing orders and quite a large backlog.

Smaller items, like briefs, gloves, and hoods are available at normal delivery times as we have several items in stock at the moment.

There are also remnants (sleeves, arms, etc.)  and seconds (repaired garments) at a discounted price. For more information, email Chuck at ""..

Thank you for waiting and being patient as we get better at this business,


PS The latest status is that we are performing periodic maintenance on the latex tank and the lube tank. Maintenance on the latex tank requires draining of the tank and complete disassembly of the internal workings for cleaning. The good news is that when it is back in operation, it will be filled with fresh latex and should yield very high-quality garments without the need for reinforcements. We expect to be back in operation by Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

Best Sellers

These are our best selling products, in order of popularity.

Drysuit with hood  
Surgeon's Gloves  
Waist Band/Cummerbund  
Swim Briefs  
Bermuda Shorts  
Drysuit Pants  
Drysuit with neck-seal  
Jacket with hood  
3-Finger Gloves  
Attached surgeon's gloves  
Jacket with neck-seal  
Swim Suit  
Shorty dry suit  
Swim Shirt  
Industrial Gloves  
Tank Top Shirt  
Rain Cape - Poncho  
Wader Pants