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Current status (August 9, 2022):

Quality is looking very good. We adjusted the latex tank for a situation of latex "pre-cure"! I continue to learn something new every day.

The first production batch is being dipped now following adjustment of all of the chemicals, creating a chilled environment for the latex tank and improved drying and curing techniques.



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Here all of the Hydroglove products...

3-Finger Gloves  
Attached surgeon's gloves  
Bermuda Shorts  
Boot leggings  
Briefs with garter clips  
Drysuit Pants  
Drysuit with hood  
Drysuit with neck-seal  
Industrial Gloves  
Jacket with hood  
Jacket with neck-seal  
Nose Tube Harness  
Rain Cape - Poncho  
Shorty dry suit  
Surgeon's Gloves  
Swim Briefs  
Swim Shirt  
Swim Suit