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Drysuit with neck-seal

Our regular drysuit but without the hood. This option provides a neck-seal jacket that can be worn with or without a separate hood. This drysuit is comprised of a jacket and pants with feet. The complete drysuit is 2 pieces that are rolled together at the waist in order to provide a water-tight seal. In some cases, the addition of a waistband will assist in discouraging the unrolling of the two main pieces through normal body movement.

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These rubber suits are meant for collectors of vintage scuba gear and are NOT a substitute for a modern dry suit.The Hydroglove line of suits are meant to embody the nostalgia of vintage dive gear. They are not guaranteed as a 100% accurate copy of any known brand marketed in the last century. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

Latex Works LLC Hydroglove line of vintage style drysuits are a 100% latex product. End user assumes all risks inherent with any latex product. Diving is an adventure sport and it comes with inherent risks. Improper use of diving equipment or improper diving techniques may result in serious injury or, in extreme circumstances, death.

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