Please see below...

I am halting any new sales until I can get more caught up with existing back orders. Those customers that have placed an order already will get their order! Or money back, their choice.

As soon as the Latex Works team is fully up to speed, we'll be filling back orders as fast as we can (and making smaller items as inventory, to assist in catching up).

Repairs and warranty work are always accessible. If you have a pressing need, either call or email and we can discuss issues. Please note that some small items are in stock; it is the larger items such as suits, jackets and pants that are holding things up as I only have one former for each size (so that is one major bottleneck). 

Let me know if you are tired of waiting...



PS I have recovered from a bout with covid and will be getting back to work on Monday, August 23, 2021, after a 2-week hiatus. I had the vaccination (Pfizer) last January but got covid anyway. More of an annoyance than anything but I have been sleeping a great deal since getting it. Now back to work!

Third hand

About This Photo

This is a device I cobbled up for less than $8.00 USD. It allows me to remove the jacket, shirt or suit that has become stuck on me because I cannot reach behind me to slide it up my back due to: A) The suit is too small; B) The rubber is wet and won't slide; C) My arms are not strong enough to pull 3 directions at once.

This creation is made of PVC plumbing pipe and is not affected by water. Maybe it could even double as a handy cane for getting you onto the airplane quicker as they always allow "those who need an extra minute" to board first (better than using an inflatable child).